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On this page you will find videogame recommendations from me, one for a month. This will only include games that I played and liked ( or perhaps even loved). This will mostly be text, because I'm too lazy to add a bunch of screenshots each time. If you want to see previous recommendations, see link to archive at the bottom of the page.

May 2024 game is:

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Lunistice is a simple and short (like 3 hours) 3d platformer with slight emphasis on movement.

Usually I would write up a premise here, but this time I won't do it because of how small the game is. Don't get me wrong, there is story and even a bit of lore, but I believe it's best if you experience it on it's own.

I wouldn't say this game is particularly special, but it's a neat experience. The controls are nice, levels are solid in length, albeit simple. Each dream introduces a new mechanic. Combat... exist. It's not bad, but it's a bit too simple.

This game has a PS1 aesthetic. Some might say it's overdone by now, but I still think they're nice. Despite retro style, Lunistice certainly doesn't feel retro in gameplay.

Moreover about the aesthetic, this game is quite pretty. Each dream is unique and colorful. The soundtrack is also quite nice.

Sure the game is short, but it's also really replayable. What's more important is how cheap it is. No, really, I got it for less than a dollar on a sale (It would probably costs more for most readers of this even on sale, but still), and for such a price this is a really good, short and sweet deal.