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This page serves as an archive for previous videogame recomendations of mine. Not much else to say here.

Current recomendation


April 2024 game is:

Chants of Sennaar

Chants of Sennaar is a point & click adventure with an emphasis on learning languages. Yes, plural. You wake up at the bottom of an enormous tower filled with diverse cultures, and your goal is to reach the top. You do so by interacting with the world, discovering words and deducing their meanings. And with the knowledge you may progress.

The puzzles in this game are great. If it's not clear, most of them are based on learning a local language. Most. There are also stealth sections that I personally wasn't a big fan of. But most of them are solid. Except for one. You'll know which one if you play the game.

The core mechanic of learning languages is well executed. You can figure out the meaning, then you are given a page in the book with drawn meanings. If you know the meaning, and place the right words, you will secure and know the true meaning. This can be brute forced, but it's much easier to gradually work it out.

The world of Chants of Sennaar is simply gorgeous. Simple, colorful and a treat to look at. The soundtrack is also nice.

Overall, this game is a neat experience that I would recommend if you have even a faintest interest of language learning. Knowing these may not be as useful as learning a real language, but it's still learning in the end of the day.


March 2024 game is:


Before I start, Have a warning: This game is full of violence. How could it not with such a name? If that is not up your valley, feel free to check out archive for more family-friendly games. Anywho...

ULTRAKILL is a fast paced retro FPS that combines best of Shooters and action games like Devil May Cry.

The game takes place in a horrible future, where humanity is dead and machines are powered by blood. The only source of blood now comes from hell itself, and so, at the start of the game machines begin a full scale invasion of hell in search of blood. The machine you play as, V1, however, does not cooperate and will kill anything that moves.

ULTRAKILL may still be in early access ( there are still 2 layers of hell to be made, weapon variations and a bunch of other stuff), but it is already a worthy deal due to how well crafted it is. From weapons, all of which are satisfying to use, enemies and bosses, who may seem difficult at first, but as you learn, they become a piece of cake, to levels, which are really fun to replay.

Beside levels, there is a sandbox mode, where you can screw around ( and even build things), and there is also The Cyber Grind, a survival mode, where you clean out waves of enemies on a mid sized arena. Totally not addictive. There are also secrets you may discover...

Also, the soundtrack is simply amazing. It uses a variety of genres and does so well. Most of it is made by games creator ( btw, you should check out other stuff by Heaven Pierce Her), but there are also a few guest artists.

DON'T GET ME STARTED ON LORE I have a lot of things to say here like how much Gabriel is a p⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜ and why Swordmachine is the best gender goals and ⬜⬜⬜⬜ ⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜ and


February 2024 game is:

The Entropy Centre

The Entropy Centre is a first person puzzle that was clearly inspired by Portal. It takes place on an abandoned Moon base of the same name and it appears you are the last person alive, as the Earth is set ablaze buy a mysterious event.

The main gimmick of the game is the Entropy Device ( get ready to hear and see the word "entropy" a lot btw), a device capable of rewinding objects up to 45 seconds back in time, and also pause them. Every puzzle has to essentially be solved in reverse. There are also plenty of puzzle elements, some of which are also time based.

This game has a pretty solid amount of puzzles, about 8 hours of gameplay or so. Earlier ones are fairly easy, but it'll get you thinking with the later puzzles.

It's worth mentioning that The Entropy Centre is absolutely gorgeous. I would say it's worth playing it just for the environments alone. As for the music, it's minimal and perhaps a bit repetitive, but still good, particularly in plot heavy moments.

The voice acting is good, and so is are the characters. Humor, however, is an attempt to be modern Portal and I Feel like it's not that good. It's not bad, it just feels a bit bland.

Oh, there is also a mapping community, but I haven't tried these fan-made maps, so I can't tell if they are any good.

Overall, If you like Portal, you'll most likely enjoy The Entropy Centre.


January 2024 game is:

Chicory: A Colorful Tale

Chicory: A Colorful Tale Is a RPG in a style of classic 2D Zelda games. Unlike those, however, you don't fight in this game. Instead, it's more of an advanced coloring book, where you use your abilities to solve puzzles, move around, draw and, most importantly, paint the world.

You play as a dog, who is a Janitor and the biggest fan of Chicory, a famous artist and wielder of the Brush. Something weird happens, and the picnic province loses it's color, and Chicory is missing, but the Brush is not. It is now your task to fill her job in.

Chicory is a charming game full of love, but also happens to tackle the themes of imposter syndrome and artistic burnout. And it tackles them very well. Obviously I recommend this game for anyone, but if you suffer from either of these two ( or perhaps both), then I encourage you to play this game.

Oh, how could I forget. This game has an amazing soundtrack made by Lena Raine! Yes, that Lena Raine.


December 2023 game is:

Cobalt Core

Cobalt Core is a roguelike deckbuilder, in which you take control of a spaceship and try to defeat other ships to progress the time loop ( don't worry, this isn't the most important piece of the story, far from it).

Your ship has 3 crew mates with unique cards that take different aspects of your ship or gameplay, and there are 8 characters with over 200 cards. There are also 5 ships that have unique gimmicks and upgrades.

The story is light hearted, but still good ( as if being light hearted even means bad). The soundtrack is a particular highlight, as it so good, that I would've listen to it on itself if there was a single video of it on YouTube. Also to note, I played since 1.0, and I haven't encountered any bugs at all.

I found out about this game from a streamer who showed a reveal trailer of the game in early 2023, and I instantly got interested. So I waited ~10 months, and it met my expectations. The only possible downside is it’s size, This game is fairly small, It took me 20 hours to complete the story, unlock all the characters, 4 of 5 ships, and most of other stuff. This isn't that much for a roguelike, and if you're looking for beefy roguelike, this is not the one.

Still, if this mediocre text got you at least somewhat interested, You should check out Cobalt Core! People at Rocket Rat Games clearly put some love into it.